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Tenants of Quarter Offices have access to a unique package of services. The services are there for your convenience and to save you time or money.
All services are completely tailored to each building, but are available for all tenants, regardless of the building they are staying. 

  • Full-time hosted reception
  • Comfort
  • Meeting rooms
  • Food & Drinks
  • Events & Workshops
  • Health & Fitness
  • Quarter Offices Bike Sharing
  • Locker service
  • Office convenience
  • Personal convenience
  • Quarter Offices App

Full-time hosted & serviced Reception

A representative and welcoming reception is essential in offering a five star hotel experience while at work. At each of the Quarter Offices is a hosted and serviced reception desk. Our hosts are trained barista's and welcome guests with a freshly brewed coffee whilst providing tenants, visitors and employees with any information they wish to have. All members of our Hospitality Teams are easily recognizable and approachable and will always go the extra mile to make sure anyone feels welcome and serviced.

A workplace of comfort

Quarter Offices is a workplace of comfort offering a five star hotel experience at work. Our manager in charge is Linda Driessen functioning as the single point of contact for all stakeholders. Linda manages the Hospitality Teams in all Quarter Offices, ensures great services, a high level of comfort, access to all facilities en taking away any concerns on issues you might experience when at work in either one of the Quarter Offices.

An integrated approach

Hospitality, facility and property management are fully integrated in all of the Quarter Offices. Manager InCharge Linda Driessen monitors interaction, co-working and a pro-active approach towards facilitating the tenants, visitors, suppliers and guests.  

Hospitality Teams
Each building has its own dedicated Hospitality Team working closely together to realise only one mission: taking care of our tenants and stakeholders. Always abreast of the latest developments in and around the premises, the Hospitality Teams always know exactly what is going on and what the needs of tenants. Consequently, they are capable of anticipating the changing needs of the true users of the buildings, providing them the best service, day in day out.

Meeting Rooms

The Quarter Offices Meeting Rooms are located in Quarter Avenue and Quarter Podium, the ideal locations for meetings and business events. We offer extensive meeting space that can be booked through the Hospitality Host or the Quarter Offices app. Additionally, we offer services such as registrations, parking spaces, audiovisual equipment and food & beverages. 

Food & Drinks

Whether you want a healthy snack on-the-go, a delicious lunch from a local entrepreneur or a high quality dinner with clients; we have all the options! Our restaurant, food court and coffee pavilions are open for both tenants and the public. Please keep an eye on our website or the Quarter Offices app for the latest deals and menu's. 

We Canteen
We Canteen works with more than 300 local entrepreneurs from all over the country. One has a food truck, the other a restaurant, the next a catering company. One is hip and trendy or the newest 'place-to-be', the other is a legend and has existed for years. But they have one thing in common: they each specialize in a particular product or kitchen and each have their own face, own story and own specialty. From Surinam Roti to Japanese sushi, from Dutch spinach to Spanish paella. In the We Canteen food court at Quarter Avenue local entrepreneurs alternate the offer daily. All this on top of a wide range of fresh sandwiches, soups, salads and smoothies that make up the basic daily offer.

Full service restaurants 
Lunch with colleagues, dinner with a client or a cold beer after a long day of work. At the full service restaurants at Quarter Podium and Quarter Avenue we serve breakfast, lunch, afternoon drinks and dinner. Enjoy high quality food & drinks inside, or outside on the Podium terrace. 

Coffee Bars
Have a fresh cup of coffee or grab a quick and healthy meal from the Coffee Bars at Quarter Plaza, Quarter Podium or Quarter Avenue. Perfect for when you need to hop in your car, the train or on one of the Quarter Offices bikes. All freshly made, and well packed for on-the-go. 


Events & workshops

Coming Soon

Expand your network, gather ideas at a TEDx event, learn how to make dumplings or visit the local artist exhibition. At Quarter Offices we make sure there's always something going on. Please keep an eye on our website for the latest information on events & workshops.

Networking events
With such a diverse list of tenants at Quarter Offices and in Sloterdijk, there's always an opportunity to use each other's knowledge and network. Get to know each other at our networking events.

Tedx events, seminars and breakfast sessions
Sharing knowledge is important to us, and that's why we organize monthly TEDx events, seminars and breakfast sessions for and in collaboration with our tenants. Do you have ideas worth spreading?

Learn how to make dumplings in the Quarter Podium restaurant or attend one of the other workshops. Learn a new skill and get to meet new people at the same time! 

Local artist exhibition
In Quarter Avenue local artists have the opportunity to exhibit their art, each time featuring a different theme. Exhibitions are in the main areas of the building, which are open daily and freely accessible. You are welcome to visit the Quarter Avenue gallery.

Quarter Offices Bootcamps

Coming Soon

Enjoy the connection through workouts with colleagues and neighbouring companies in Quarter Offices. It's the way to work on health, wellbeing and team building. Joining our Bootcamps ensures coming back to work relaxed, energised and better concentrated.

A bootcamp training consists of an active outdoor training where endurance and strength alternate. The training is based on exercises with own body weight, such as push-ups, dips, and lunges. The workouts are accessible and challenging for every employee, both for the beginner as well as for the advanced athlete.

Quarter Offices Bootcamps are coming soon. Please keep an eye on our website for the latest information.

Quarter Offices Bike Sharing

The Quarter Offices bikes offer easy travel between buildings, going to appointments and meetings, running errands or for exercise. Simply unlock a bike, ride it and return it to one of the bike stations at Quarter Plaza, Quarter Avenue or Quarter Podium. Bikes can be reserved and unlocked through the Quarter Offices app and are available for use by tenants of Quarter Offices. 

Locker service

Each of the Quarter Offices houses lockers from My Pick Up Point (MYPUP) to make it easy to send, receive and return parcels from the comfort of your own workplace. With the unmanned Pick Up Point no one has to miss packages or go out of the office to collect online orders. Flexibility for employees and no extra hassle for organisations.

Office convenience

Organise a meeting including lunch? Set up a drinks party in the office? Ordering food when working late? Use Quarter Offices room service to have whatever you require delivered right where it is needed. Drinks and food can be ordered using the online room service portal in the Quarter Offices app.

Fresh fruit
Studies say having fresh fruit at the office improves productivity and quality of life at work. Bananes, mixed apples, grapes, berries, peaches or plums; the choice is yours. Quarter Offices room services will have it delivered regularly or occasionally straight on your desk.

Valet parking
Save time and hassle, using the valet Quarter Offices parking service. Never lose time on finding a parking spot ever again. Just drop off your car and have our staff park it into a secured and indoor parking garage.

Flowers and plants
Something to celebrate at the office? Order a fresh bouquet of flowers at the office using the Quarter Offices app. Choose from a wide variety of bouquets and plants, and have your order deliverd the next day.

ICT Support
All your ICT solutions at your fingertips. Quarter Offices will provide you - if needed - with good quality and fast service for all communication- and internet related issues. Questions or problems? ICT support is there to help.

Every office has things that need to be build or fixed. Whether it is fixing light, moving a desk or hanging a painting. In Quarter Offices the handyman is at your service and always happy to help.

Subscriptions (newspapers and trade journals)
Choose from a range of the most popular newspapers and trade journals delivered to your office first thing in the morning. Choose the publications and delivery days that suit your requirements. 

Emergency Response Officer training
When your company employs 20 or more workers, you are legally required to have certified first aiders available on the premises at all times. These first-aid workers must be able to administer first-aid care in the event of occupational accidents or medical emergencies. Quarter Offices can provide the Emergency Response Officer training whenever needed. 

Personal convenience

Carwash by Wyper Wash
Have your car cleaned while at work! At Quarter Offices we offer you inside and outside car wash by Wyper Wash. Using eco-friendly and high-performance car care products, your car will get a luxurious hand wash without wasting the odd 400 liters of water. 

Dry cleaning
Always keep your suit and shirts clean, using the Quarter Offices dry cleaning services. We offer high quality service dry cleaning, clothing repair and wash & fold. With pick up and return at the office, fast and friendly 24-hour service at competitive prices you will always have a clean shirt at the office.  

Travelling tailor
Busy days, from meeting to meeting and no time to score a new outfit? Our travelling tailor offers you the opportunity to put together a complete outfit, tailored to your personal wishes and taste at the office. In addition to the tailored suits and shoes, you can have your pick of ties, belts, socks, watches, cufflinks and other top quality accessories that complement your outfit. If you have a busy agenda, the travelling tailor is the one-stop shop for you! 

Taxi service
In need of a taxi? Order a taxi now or book in advance using the Quarter Offices app. 

Quarter Offices App

Quarter Offices offers its tenants and their employees access to the Quarter Offices App. An App that makes your working life easier and more comfortable. Book a meeting room, order 'on demand' services, get access to invoices and contracts, report something that needs to be fixed and find the latest information on events and workshops. The Quarter Offices App is exclusively available for business based in either one of the Quarter Offices.


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